Is Office 365 just Microsoft Office in the cloud?

Short answer: No — it’s so much more! Learn how Office 365 adds security, mobility and speed to processes. Let us show you how combining familiar Office tools with powerful additions like Power BI, OneNote, and OneDrive can help your business manage and tackle more tasks.

As a small or midsize business, you need affordable and professional IT tools. Microsoft Office 365 gives you and your employees access to popular productivity applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint anytime, from virtually anywhere. You can also take advantage of built-in enterprise-grade services such as high-definition video conferencing, business-class email, and portals for file sharing.

Unlike a traditional Microsoft Office installation, Office 365 allows you to:

Use your Office apps on most any device including PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone. That’s because your license is connected to you rather than to a specific workstation.

Choose to store your data locally and/or in the cloud, so you can increase data control, access, and sharing—and simplify regulatory compliance.

Collaborate with coworkers and clients using services not available with standard Office licenses, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Establish a professional presence with built-in enterprise-class tools that make it easy to host HD web conferences, create a website, and set up business-class email.

Stay focused on customers and growing your business because we manage the servers, software updates, and malware protection.

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Looking to Migrate to Office 365?

Moving to Office 365 can be a complex undertaking. It involves two main phases: managing access for the user from the on-premises system to using the cloud and then migrating data from these on-premises systems (employee email, files and contacts) to the cloud environment.

DataNet Pacific efficient onboarding services help simplify your move to the Cloud and seamlessly manage your IT implementation, while also providing rapid, dedicated support, powerful Email Continuity and Threat Protection solutions.

  • Migrate to Office 365 the Right Way
  • 100% success rate
  • 30-day post-migration support
  • Gain a trusted advisor
  • Customize your configuration
  • Email security, encryption and cloud to cloud backup and archival solutions


DataNet Pacific Office 365 Migration and Implementation Services

  • Selection of the right Office 365 licensing agreement for your organization
  • Planning stage to identify specific needs for your organization and coordinate the proper installation and setup both the Office 365 subscription as well as the integration with your environment
  • Installation of the Office 365 subscription and authentication into your existing environment, including managing spam monitoring and single sign- on capabilities in your Windows authentication set
  • Migration of user mailboxes and public folders
  • Authentication of the Office 365 subscription to each user’s end point
  • Training options based on your needs
  • Post implementation support to ensure your users and IT staff has an efficient, productive use of the system.
  • We also offer full outsourced Office 365 administration, point to point email encryption, email security, and cloud to cloud email backup and archival solutions for a flat monthly service fee.


Work productively from virtually anywhere using the right device and application

Enjoy new levels of freedom and flexibility with Office 365 because your license is connected to you rather than a specific device. So whether you’re using a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can still stay productive and collaborate with tools that are easy to set up and use. Regardless of where you are or what time it is, you can access and edit Word files, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations—and also host HD conferences and share files on a portal. Your personalized application settings roam with you as you work.’ And Office 365 keeps your content and formatting intact so you don’t have to redo work as you transition between devices and locations.

“Using Office 365… was truly liberating. I love how it doesn’t discriminate about what operating system or browser you want to work in.”

— Two Camels Films
(Office 365 Small Business Customer)

Gain confidence with data control, file sharing, and regulatory compliance

You control your data with Office 365 and so you choose whether to store it locally or in the cloud. By using cloud-based storage, you gain the most flexibility and mobility because you can access your data with multiple devices and share files with the people you choose. You also benefit from a cloud storage platform that comes with a 99.9 percent financially-backed uptime guarantee, scales to meet your needs, and gives you industry-leading data-trust policies that include the following Microsoft commitments:

Your privacy matters: Your files and email messages are not accessed or scanned for advertising purposes.

Support for compliance and independent verification: Microsoft Office 365 is compliant with industry standards including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA. Compliance is verified by third-party auditors.

Stringent security: You can customize your security preferences with Office 365 and enable or disable application features that affect privacy. Your data is also automatically encrypted when its stored and when it travels over the network.

Data transparency: Your data resides in your region at a data center with restricted. 24-hour secured access, enforced with safeguards such as biometric readers, motion sensors, video-camera surveillance, and security-breach alarms.

“The new Office is the best Office… beautiful, modern software, radically different from anything it’s done before:”

— Gizmodo
(Office 365 Reviewer)

To give you roaming access to all the tools in Office 365, you can use it on a variety of devices:

Use traditional Office software on your workstation: Install the applications available with Office 365 on your PC or Mac so that you can use local versions of the tools whether you’re online or offline.

Use Office Mobile with supported mobile devices: To use locally running versions of your Office 365 applications on supported mobile devices, download Office Mobile. Currently, you can run Office Mobile on Windows Phones, iPhones, and Android phones. For more information about the mobile devices supported by Office 365, please see the Office on mobile devices page

Use Office Web Apps with “non-supported” devices—or if you choose, any device with a supported browser: To access your Office 365 applications with a device that cannot run Office Mobile, use Office Web Apps. These are browser-based versions of your Office applications that run in the cloud. You can also use Office Web Apps to stay productive on a shared or public device when you don’t have your devices with you, or when they have run out of power

Connect easily with coworkers and clients using enterprise-level services

Collaborating with teammates and customers is easier with Office 365 because with it, you can access enterprise-grade email, calendars, and other tools whether you’re at your desk or on the go. As a result, you can:

Maintain one version of collaborative documents by allowing authorized users to create, edit, and review the same files in real time, including reports, proposals, emails, and budgets. No need to merge different file versions later. And you can share with confidence because you control who gets to see what.

Simplify collaboration with non-Office users by sending them the URL of the web page where you’ve saved your file. The file appears in a web browser with its formatting in place. The viewer can also filter and sort Excel workbooks and can play animations in PowerPoint presentations.

See the availability of coworkers, join online meetings, and IM from virtually any device including your PC, smartphone, and tablet using Microsoft Lync. You can also connect with your Skype contacts directly from Lync, so you don’t have to switch between applications to get phone numbers and addresses.

Make meetings more productive with one-click screen sharing. Work together more effectively by letting participants see your screen—or another participant’s screen—during an online meeting. Meeting participants can also view and use a shared white board and note space.

Stay connected with your colleagues and customers in other ways by posting and receiving social networking updates with your Newsfeed, and by using blogs and wikis to build team unity and publish information.

“[Office 365] gives us about 95 percent of the benefits available to a Fortune 500 company at a fraction of the cost.”

– FLO Wine
(Office 365 Midsized Business Customer)

Establish a professional online presence, quickly and easily

With Office 365, you can take advantage of built-in tools and services to create a professional appearance for your company. For example, with Office 365 you can:

Market your business with a website: Even if you have no IT experience, you can set up a website using simple, out-of-the-box templates.

There are no additional hosting fees and you can use your own domain name or get one through your Office 365 subscription.

Get business-class email: Use the same domain name that you choose for your website with your email accounts. For example: Each user gets 50 GB of storage and all messages are free of advertising.

Host HD video, web, and audio conferences: Conduct online meetings with up to 250 global participants with built-in, easy-to-use tools.

Do better business

As a small to midsize business, the more time and money you can devote to your customers and offerings, the better. With Office 365, we manage your Office 365 applications and services. We can also manage your data. As a result, you can:

Save money: Office 365 provides an affordable price point for core IT tools so you don’t have to invest in additional servers, storage, software, or IT staff.

Be well-protected: You get anti-malware and anti-spam protection that’s always up-to-date and you get a 99.9 percent financially-backed uptime guarantee for your Office 365 service that’s backed by a service level agreement.

Get the support you need: With Office 365, you have 24/7 web and phone support for all critical issues so that you can quickly get answers to questions or resolve issues.

You can get all these benefits—and more—by enrolling your business in Office 365. Learn more today!

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