Help Desk Support

Let dedicated helpdesk staffs at DataNet Pacific Hawaii perform your day to day computer maintenance, and support your IT activities while you are focused on running your core business operations.

Help Desk Support Top Features and Benefits

RapidResponse Rapid Response

Whichever way you choose to contact the DataNet Pacific help desk, you’ll enjoy rapid response and aggressive escalation until your problem is resolved. You can contact us via phone, email, or customer portal.

Help Desk Makes Contact

First, one of our highly-proficient help desk specialists works with you to determine if the problem can be resolved either by instructing you to take specific actions over the telephone, or by reaching into your computer network system via our suite of network management tools.

RemoteAccessTools Remote Access Tools

Our remote management tools allow us to access just about any device or service anywhere on your network. Our experts know how to perform these delicate operations remotely so you feel as if our best personnel are there at your site, helping you resolve the issue. We also use these tools to assure your systems are fully current with every patch, update, and upgrade they require.

Onsite-EngineerOnsite Engineer

Should we be unable to resolve the problem remotely, your dedicated lead engineer will be notified immediately. They will then determine the best course of action to resolve your problem. One of our field engineers will be dispatched to your premises at the earliest possible time to get hands-on with your network. They will bring the full resourcefulness of DataNet Pacific Hawaii to bear upon your problem until it is resolved.

Rapid-Resolution Rapid Resolution

Our technology service managers examine daily schedules constantly to make sure we are resolving support calls for our clients at the fastest possible pace. Our service level agreements assure your network issues are resolved quickly, completely, and most competently.

ThoroughFollowup Thorough Follow-up

Our help desk team continue tracking to make sure every problem we resolve remains resolved and our clients are always delighted with the results we deliver to them.



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